Episodes A-Plenty

Greetings Workshoppers! Workshopees? We don't really have a name for our listeners just yet. If you have any ideas, we'd be happy to consider them.

Anyway! Over this past weekend, Justin, Ryan and Mr.Matt Bitley journeyed to the not-so-far away land of Chicago to attend C2E2. While there, the gents chatted up quite a few comic book writers, artists and enthusiasts, as well as a bunch of other cool people. Business cards were handed out which included a QR code to bring people to this very site. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to our intrepid hosts at the time, the website had been down for a week or so due to maintenance issues. However, new episodes were posted and directed to our RSS feed. But now the site is back up and in full functionality! Expect once more Weekly updates, the occasional article, and episodes a-plenty for your listening pleasure!

Speaking of episodes, three new episodes are available! Be sure to give them a listen and drop us some comments, or even better, an iTunes review.

Thanks for listening and keep on writing everyone!

Episode 38

Episode 37

Episode 36