Welcome to The Write Idea Workshop.

The Write Idea Workshop is a podcast about the creative process. Host Ryan (joined by the occasional guest hosts Justin, Caleb and Theresa) sits down and talks with writers, artists, comedians, actors and all manner of creative people to figure out what makes them tick, and have some laughs along the way.

Each week (generally Wednesday) a new episode is posted as well as a writing challenge, and a blog about what's going on in the world of The Write Idea Workshop. These posts are generally very colorful, irreverent, and probably not for children. Then again, sometimes they may be only for children, as Justin is in the midst of writing a children's book Countless Wonders.

The podcast also has a YouTube channel where strange videos are generated. Check it out:


Ryan Andersons is the host of The Write Idea Workshop podcast. In addition to hosting duties, he writes, draws and does stand up comedy. He is currently working on some webcomic projects (Several Drinks Later, Don’t Delete This) and a YouTube channel dedicated to his mistakes (RyansBadIdea). He also serves as the producer and editor for all the podcasts on the Out of Ideas podcast network, which include RADIOLEARY and Kaizen Komedy .

You can find Ryan on twitter @RyansBadIdea

Justin Adkins (@jsadkinscomedy) is the sometimes co-host of The Write Idea Workshop. He's a stand up comic, a writer, and an active tweeter. Check out his YouTube page for videos of his stand up and travel vlogs: http://www.youtube.com/jsadkinscomedy


Caleb and Theresa are the other times co-hosts of The Write Idea Workshop. They're featured together, because they usually arrive together. Friends since high school, Ryan reconnected with Caleb and Theresa when the podcast moved back to New York with Ryan. Caleb and Ryan were part of the sketch comedy group Fistfull of Films (videos still available on YouTube) and Theresa is a poet, actor and writer in her own right.