Sept. 13th, 2015

" I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me"

I've been listening to The Mountain Goats a lot lately. Mostly, because I hadn't really given them a solid listen beforehand. Secondarily, I really relate to the lyrics of most of their songs. I don't know the life story of the dude who is the lead singer of the band, but his point of view bleeds into mine so readily. That's a rarity.

The Write Idea Workshop has been through some shit in the past few years. This show was originally started to continue filling that writer group niche that I had been missing since graduating college. Since becoming an entity unto itself, this show has opened and helped close a lot of doors that I didn't really anticipate being presented with.

First and foremost, I don't think I would have gotten back into stand up comedy without this show. Talking with comedians most every week, going out late at night and attending shows, performing on shows, hosting shows, really brought me back into the stand up comedy world.  I was ready to abandon this ship in my senior year of high school when the web series my friends and I made (Sketchtoast) didn't immediately garner us a movie deal of some kind. But being in Cincinnati, left to my own devices,  talking with ladies and dudes who frequent the comedy scene has made me realize, this is the sort of thing I should have never given up on.

I'm not good at being serious. 

With that in mind, I want to state as a mission... statement... that my vision for the future of the show will continue to include the lives of comedians as I experience them. However, I feel the podcast has gotten off-message in the past year or so since I lost my mind, and I would like to bring it back around to it's original mission statement; primarily, talking with other people who aren't comedians. I want to get some writers, some artists, some authors, some bands, creative mother-fucking-people on this podcast. I'm tired of just talking to comics. 

At the end of this month I'll be heading up to New York for one of my best-friends' wedding. In the space of that four-day weekend, I plan on posting an episode a day. Be on the look out. 

Keep on writing,


A Sad Report

Last weekend frequent guest on live shows Zach Hale, co-host Justin and myself all got together and filmed a bit of fake news for kicks and giggles. This was the result: 

If you like these sorts of shenanigans, let us know! We plan on making more video projects in the future. 

Keep on writing!

Neil Gaiman gives the Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture

Neil Gaiman (author extraordinaire, patron saint of this writing podcast) was asked to give the Douglas Adams Memorial lecture this year. A good portion of the lengthy, wonderful lecture is about discussing the nature of stories, their lasting qualities, and achieving a kind of immortality. This lecture is well worth your time if you have any interest in storytelling, Douglas Adams, writing, or thinking creatively. Please give it a watch and donate to Save the Rhino if you can. It's a great cause that was near and dear to Douglas Adams' heart. 

4 Self Help Books that might be worth your time

Comedians seem to think that they are really good at telling other people what to do.

They're not wrong. Comedians generally observe people and themselves a great deal more than, I propose, the average human does. Most people just wander through life, taking it as it comes. Comedians encounter life, ask "What the fuck are you doing to me?" and move through the bullshit. The only other group of people who analyze themselves nearly as much, in my estimation, are therapists.

Emily Gordon; funny lady, insightful human, wrote a book.

Emily Gordon; funny lady, insightful human, wrote a book.

That's why this first book that is coming out sometime around my birthday has me most interested. Emily V. Gordon, funny lady, "comedy mom" to folks who frequent the Meltdown in Los Angeles, and general awesome lady is writing/has written a book that is supposed to be coming out in September. I don't know what it's called yet, and according to her talk with Pete Holmes in the most recent episode of "You Made It Weird" she doesn't totally know either. But! Emily was a licensed therapist who then got really interested in comedians, and even married one. She does her own funny business herself and has been featured on @Midnight quite a few times. If you have never heard her podcast "Indoor Kids" on the Nerdist Network, or her appearances on "You Made It Weird", you should look them up. She is a very insightful lady, and I for one am anxious to read her book. 

Chris(t) Hardwick, comedian, host of things, grand emperor of the Nerdist Network

Chris(t) Hardwick, comedian, host of things, grand emperor of the Nerdist Network

Next on the list: "The Nerdist Way" by Chris Hardwick
I've read this book several times, owned it since it debuted, and when I actually follow it's advice, generally, my life gets more manageable. I've even met Chris Hardwick and had him sign a copy of this very book, but then lost it when I lent it to someone. Regardless, I bought another copy, and hope to get back in to this very soon.

Hannah Hart, youtube personality, funny dame, drunken life coach

Hannah Hart, youtube personality, funny dame, drunken life coach


That's not really what it's called. I haven't read it yet. But I adore her YouTube channel, she has great advice on her non-drunk episodes, and I am very anxious to read her book. Based on the sample chapters I looked at, not only are there super cool recipes in this book that I think I could afford to make on my menial budget, but there is some really great organizational, life-progressing advice throughout the book. Or at least in the bits I read. It's out, look it up on Amazon, buy two copies. Give me one.

Grant Morrison talks about his life through comics

Grant Morrison talks about his life through comics

This one isn't so much explicitly a self-help book, but it is a very inspirational book for those of you who are interested in writing fiction, or writing comic books.  Or thinking about your place in the universe in general. I can't really do it justice beyond that. This book is half creative inspiration, half memoir of Grant Morrison. Either way, it is very much worth the read.

So please, check these books out. You've heard me talk about a few of these in the podcast, and you'll hear me talk about a few more when I actually purchase them, but until then, get your learn on.

Keep on writing,